The Blood Of Illyra

The Grand Melee

And he fell like a sack of bricks.

Tommen or Tom Tom as I like to call him proved to be nothing but a punching bag in that tournament. I was comforted by the fact that “C” was there at least. He fell early but his fall provided me with the edge I needed to triumph. Fourth isn’t bad but First Warrior is better!

I recall Tom rushing first, head strong and predicable like in class. I respect the boy but his naïve perception of the world bothers me. He practically invites danger to him.

Danger like that “clara” woman.

I really want to punch her.

There is something about her that rubs me the wrong way and the fact that she believes she is going to Grand General some day! HA! That polearm of hers won’t save her from my fury.

We’re off to the Docks, “C” and I to investigate a series of murders, this should be interesting.

The Fire
journal 1

We became brothers on the first eve of meeting. I don’t know if I can deal with these two. One……the “monk” never talks and the other, the barbarian never shuts up and is always drunk! I find it hard to believe we are related to each other let alone the emporer, still something intrigues me. Maybe moving forward with my new “family” will lead me to find out what I am to learn about “god”. This quest we have been sent on opens many questions, hopefully this “fire” will answer some of them…… theres a long road to be travelled.


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